Monday 9 May 2016
by  Natha
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I know, it is another story about a wolf... but it is a totally different style to others mentioned so far! Grégoire Solotareff’s humour and pictures are much darker but nonetheless entertaining and will provoke discussion with your pupils for sure!

Author or source: Gregoire Solotareff
Intended age of students: Key Stage 2/3
Source reference: 9782211016100


It is quite a difficult story in that the level of the language in it is high so the children will need a lot of support. I would start off by reading it and giving them the challenge of keeping a tally of how many times "loup" and "lapin" get a mention on each double page whilst trying to work out what is happening. I would use targeted questioning in English to check comprehension of each stage of the story.

It is so much more than just a story in French: it is a story about friendship, about being different, about fear and about looking for your own identity.

The children will realise that they don’t need to understand a lot in French to be able to work out what a text is about.
If you have a visualiser, you can do some great work on cognates in this story.

Topics or themes:
It could help reinforce hobbies; you may do a series of stories about how wolves are portrayed in children’s literature.

Adjectives; the imperfect tense; punctuation in French (including the use of speech marks)

How much time required: a lesson or 2

If you want ready-made resources to use with this book, please look here and here as well as the fiche pedagogique Ecole desLoisirs. There was even a film made after this book but if you don’t have it you can watch these resources videos to help!

As always, I will contact the author... I haven’t had much luck with them so far, only Solidad has acknowledged my email so far ha ha! I’ll keep trying though! 

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