La promenade de Flaubert

lundi 7 novembre 2016
par  Natha
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I was inspired to write this blog by Thérèse Comfort on Saturday at the Northern Primary Languages Show in York. I have owned the book for a while but not use it yet... I will this week now !!

Language of text : French
Type of text : picture book
Author or source : Antonin Louchard
Intended age of students : Key Stage 1/2
Source reference : 2844200095

Approaches :

The children will laugh for sure when you read to them this story about Flaubert whose body comes apart when the winds blows ! There are 2 twists in it wich will keep them on their toes !
You can use this very visual, fun and easy story to introduce the idea of gender with your pupils and/or possessive pronouns.
If you print and cut out Flaubert’s body parts and laminate them, you can do lot of activities in small groups like memory games, hopscotch on the cards etc.

Rationale :
It is original, clear and gives an opportunity to introduce grammar points in context.

Outcomes :
The children will feel confident that they can recognise and use gender for the body parts explored and in general. They will be able to see, hear, pronounce, understand and recall possessive pronouns whilst having enjoyed themselves !

Topics or themes :
Body parts, weather

Grammar :
Introducing gender, singular/plural, possessive pronouns ; add colours

How much time required :

1 lesson

I have found lots of resources which will help you make the most of this book : here and attached. Enjoy it and please do let us know what you think !

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