The Language Show Live 2017 in Glasgow

Friday 7 April 2017
by  Natha
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In October 2015 I went to the Language Show Live in London for the 1st time and loved every minute of it. I couldn’t go back in 2016 so I decided to try the Language Show Live in Glasgow in March 2017. You will find below the highlights of the show for me; I went on the Saturday only.

  • 1st I went to the symposium in the morning; I wouldn’t miss a chance to hear Bernardette Holmes MBE talk! She presented the results of Born Global, her research project into the extent and nature of language needs in employment as funded by the British Academy: more about the results here.
  • Professor Antonella Sorace also talked about the wide-ranging benefits of bilingualism (by bilingualism here she means having knowledge of 2 languages, not necessarily at the same level); find out more about her work at the University of Edinburgh here.
  • The 1st person I saw at the show itself was the very friendly Stéphane of Linguascope; my 13-year old daughter was in awe of him as they use Linguascope in her school and she got some goodies to take back to her French teacher! More about Linguascope here.
  • It is always a pleasure to have a catch up with the lovely Catherine from Little Linguist and yes, I bought more books form her!! You can too here!
  • Have you heard about CoffeeBreak Spanish/German/French courses from the Radio Lingua Network? With them you can learn easily whilst on the go. They also promote HighFive French (learning in a very active way) and I was telling them how in primary schools in England in September their PE budgets are increasing; there might therefore be an opportunity for more work for them there.
  • I met the super friendly Charlie from Bili. He sets up FREE online students exchanges. What’s not to like? More about ​Bili and how to register here
  • I stayed at the TV5 Monde stand for a while: I could not believe all the resources available there FOR FREE! There aren’t just programmes in French (including cartoons) but also resources specifically for teachers of French as well as learners, including videos with subtitles and questions to explore them. Please do check out their website if you are teaching and/or learning French but save a bit of time as there is so much to look at! TV5 Monde: here.
  • I finally met the adorable Leanne from Headstart Languages and her famous Camembear! More about their language courses and resources here
  • I also met the lovely ladies from and was chatting to them about the Junior Language Challenge open to primary school children: a great idea for our budding linguists and all the proceeds of this initiative go to charity! More about the Junior Language Challenge here.
  • I had arranged to meet up with the inspiring Claire from @justineetseb on Twitter; find out more here about her stories about 2 bilingual children which she is hoping to get published soon! 
  • Last but not least, as we were in Scotland... I talked about learning Gaelic!! There are so many free and amazing resources available if you are interested; you can check some of them out here. When in Scotland... do as the Scots do!!! 

You can find out more about the Language Show Live in Glasgow and London here.









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