My tops 5 stories to use around Halloween time

Monday 16 October 2017
by  Natha
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Halloween is not a very French festival to celebrate, to say the least; I actually don’t know many children in France who do mark it, even though you do see more about it in shops than we used to.

As teachers or parents we sometimes want a story which relates to Halloween, without being a Halloween story. Here are, in no particular order, my 5 favourite books to fall into this category!

1) Bouh! Le livre qui fait le plus peur du monde

This is the story of a ghost in training trying to frighten the readers of the book... will it manage to do do? More about it in our blog here.

2) Vèzmo la sorcière

Vèzmo is a most unpleasant witch. May she find true love in this twisted version of a fairytale? Read more about the story in our blog here.

3) Berthe

Berthe, unlike Vèzmo, is a very friendly witch! You can choose from a selection of great stories depending on your current topic. You can buy them here on Little Linguist and read more about "Berthe fait une pizza" in our blog here.

4) Au loup!

This remake of "the boy who cried wolf" is a scary sorry for its character, Simon, and a good reminder to all children! Read more about it in our blog here.

5) Le petit fantôme qui voulait qu’on le voit

Written by one of my favourite authors, Bénédicte Guettier (also check out "Je m’habille... et je te croque" and "Le père qui avait dix enfants"), this story is about a littel ghost who wants to be noticed. Will it manage to get the right type of attention? I haven’t written a blog about it yet but it will come soon...

Have fun in your French lessons around the end of October!


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