Visit to Consett Academy (our 1st secondary school RaLFF visit!)

Thursday 1 October 2015
by  Natha
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The week beginning 6th July, I had the privilege of welcoming Jake, a Y12 student at Consett Academy, to join me for a week of work experience. Typically though it was the only week I didn’t have a storytelling visit planned!! I therefore decided to offer one, for free, to his school; his French teacher, Dominic McGladdery kindly took me up on the offer! As a result, Jake and I were able to take le Bibliobook to the old Moorside building (the week it actually closed for ever!) and work with some Y7 and Y8 pupils. We had 2 groups in each class; as they had been doing hobbies and musical instruments we read the story "Le Loup qui voulait etre un artiste", setting them some challenges, and it went down a storm! Jake was smiling the whole time at how the children were really into the bus and the stories and were so well behaved. At break time they were even queuing up to have a look inside or even come back!!

I am really looking forward to doing some more work in secondary schools soon: I am secondary trained after all!!









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