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Monday 19 March 2018
by  Natha

Le loup qui n’aimait pas lire

This story I got from my lovely brother Benjamin for Christmas 2016: it came as part of a box with Loup and Louve soft toys too... I already had some but can you ever have enough Loup soft toys?!
I still love him but how can Loup possibly not like to read?!?
Language of text: French
Type of (...)

Friday 16 March 2018
by  Natha

ALL Primary Hub March 2018 - notes

You will find below a record of some of what we shared in our meet up on Monday 12th March... as well as fresh homemade brioche! Will you join us for more next time?
We discussed schemes of work; more about this here.
We looked at the latest ALL news and advice including assessment (see (...)

Sunday 11 March 2018
by  Natha

Il fait comment le caméléon?

This book was recommended to me about 3 years ago by the lovely Sarah Barett from LingotasticUK; we were following each other on Twitter and discovered a common passion for using puppets when teaching languages! We also met in real life at the Language Show in London in 2016 and have been (...)

Monday 5 March 2018
by  Natha

Mon petit cœur

There have been several editions of this timeless Antonin Louchard book, all with the same simple but lovely words and beautiful illustrations. This was one of my son’s favourite books when he was little and we both knew it off by heart!
The story looks very basic and is very easy to (...)

Sunday 4 March 2018
by  Natha

My top 5 stories to use around Mothers’ Day (in March in the UK and at the end of May in France)

The following stories are not just about mothers but they all celebrate them in their own ways.
1) "Maman!", Mario Ramos - for all ages
The clue is in the title... and nearly the only word of the story!! A classic book to have a giggle but also to practise numbers to 10 and animals. (...)

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