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Thursday 18 January 2018
by  Natha

La Saint Valentin / Valentine’s Day

Looking for stories about love? Find my favourite ones here!
The video below is lovely too. Script below written by my son!
C’est quoi la Saint-Valentin ?

Tuesday 11 July 2017
by  Natha

Le 14 juillet

Once again I have collated some great ideas from the Facebook group "Languages in Primary schools" ! Clare Seccombe’s great Changes Phase blog is this time my 1st port of call for links to her favourite ideas and resources including craft activities; I have also uploaded 3 presentations (...)

Tuesday 11 July 2017
by  Natha

Le Tour de France

It takes place very year in July and what a great excuse it is to do all sorts of activities! I have compiled my favourite ideas here: 1st port of call is the official website here; I use the French version for authenticity but you can check it in English if you want to. We use it to talk (...)

Monday 21 March 2016
by  Natha

Easter in France and other countries; poisson d’avril; basic dictionary skills

You will find below resources which I have used in the past to teach about Easter in France.
My 2 favourite videos are also here: la legende des cloches de Paques and le tcha tcha des animaux de Paques.
The 2 word documents are about dictionary skills: I tried this with children who had (...)

Thursday 28 January 2016
by  Natha

Mardi Gras

I used the attached activities as part of a French Day in a primary schools in July 2015. Feel free to use if you like them!
There are also 2 videos on 1jour1actu which cover pancakes (crêpes) and Candlemass (Chandeleur) then carnivals (carnaval). See links and scripts below.
Pourquoi (...)









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