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Find out about me, Nathalie Paris, AKA Nattalingo!

Learn about the real Nathalie Paris behind Nattalingo

This amazing video was produced and edited by Media Borne https://mediaborne.co.uk/ ; I bet you will learn something about me when you watch it! I personally...

Yes, Nathalie PARIS is my real name!! I am a qualified and experienced languages teacher who currenly delivers French lessons weekly in 2 primary schools. I also teach French at Newcastle University on the University Wide Language Programme. What do I do with the rest of my week? I aim to support the hard work which is being done by teachers, parents and carers to develop literacy, reading and the learning of languages... and sometimes to do this I DRIVE MY MOBILE FRENCH LIBRARY BUS! On it, children in schools or members of the public can take part in storytelling sessions. Alternatively, they may (at a reasonable cost) borrow French books or authentic French resources. Some Spanish and some German stories are also available. Do you want to instil a love of languages, books and stories like I do? I can help you!
I have, as a result of working with the bus and many many stories, become a French children's picture books specialist; I choose a story every week, write a blog on it and publish it here on my website. The blogs include ideas on how teachers and parents can exploit the chosen story with their pupils and children. Some of the blogs are accompanied by short videos where I introduce the books. These videos can be watched, amongst others, on my YouTube channel, Nattalingo Productions, to which you can subscribe for free. Please note I have written some blogs on Spanish and German books too.
Nathalie Paris with a group of childrenAs I also love helping and working with people, I enjoy speaking at conferences and delivering training to languages teachers, specialist and non-specialist; in March 2018, I started recording a short monthly podcast so I can give them support from home too!
One more thing... as a qualified FA coach, I offer visits to schools to run football coaching sessions in French; I have done this in Spanish too.
To summarise, I aim to inspire and support children, school staff and families as they embark on a long and happy language learning journey together... a journey full of stories!!

Do you want to know what working with me in a school setting looks like? Click here for more details!

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Welcome to my new website. I am currently in the process of organising and adding new content: please bear with me, it is a steep learning curve!

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  • Football Skills
    As a qualified FA coach, I also propose to develop both your pupils' French skills and their football skills... at the same time! Check out below what one school thought of it: FEEDBACK – PLEASE BE HONEST SO WE CAN GET EVEN BETTER!...
  • Continuing Professional Development
    Do you need help with matters relating to primary languages? I can most certainly support you and deliver training in school! Find out more about my services and their costs here....