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La moufle

I actually saw the author of this book, Florence Desnouveau, narrate it in Montreuil in December 2018. What an experience it was! She really is a storyteller extraordinaire! You can click here to watch a short video of me showing you a little about this book on my YouTube channel. Language of text: French Type of…
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My top stories for French Days

You may find these useful at any time of the year, especially maybe at the end of a school year... but not just for French Days of course! These books focus on the culture of France... and a French-speaking country too. Click here to buy this bonhomme de chemin book, France…
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Le loup qui voyageait dans le temps

This book is perfect to link French to popular topics in primary schools in the UK (eg dinosaurs, the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt, space) or to teach about French history to your pupils. There is a fun storyline, as always with Loup! Before you read this blog in detail, please watch a 2-minute introduction to…
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