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My favourite books about colours

From the simplest to the most complicated, finishing off with a book which includes colours, but they are not central to the whole story (Les orteils n'ont pas de nom). Petit poisson blanc 3 souris peintres Petit-Bleu et Petit-Jaune Homme de couleur! Le loup qui voulait changer de couleur Le mur Les orteils n’ont pas…
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3 souris peintres

This book was bought by one of my brothers for one of my children when they were little... and many children have had a lot of pleasure out of the story since! With "Petit-Bleu et Petit-Jaune", it was one of the 1st ever French stories I used to taid my teaching in the classroom. It…
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Petit poisson blanc

Click here to see inside the book in a very short video on my YouTube channel! Please subscribe when you are there too hint hint! I first came across this book thanks to this Changing Phase blog by Clare Seccombe on reading in French. I have only recently bought it, but I am so glad…
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