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Yes, we have done it, the mobile library is ours!!

We don't want to repeat what we have already written under here. We are so excited though to have taken this gigantic step forward!! We need to find someone to respray the vehicle but we have just about everything else sorted... We hope!! Do you know someone who could help? As far as lessons are concerned, assessment time is coming up... then we…
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Will we be the owners of a mobile library by Saturday??

We are so excited because we are going to Yorkshire on Saturday to look at a mobile library... and potentially put a deposit on it!! Watch this space!! Lessons are going very well. In one school, every KS2 class is learning a different song which relates to their current topic in French. The pupils will…
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It is starting to feel a little like Christmas…

We are not talking about it in our French and Spanish lessons yet though, it’s far too early for that! Another month before we do! We have been working hard on our website over the past 2 weeks... We hope you like the new additions! We’ve had some great news about a possible inportant supporter but we will keep it secret…
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Tout noir, tout blanc

We like this book because it opens up at the end and you can use the last page to reinforce the main vocabulary from the story. It also helps to reinforce the message that some of us have different skin colours but we are one big family.
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