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It is starting to feel a little like Christmas…

We are not talking about it in our French and Spanish lessons yet though, it’s far too early for that! Another month before we do! We have been working hard on our website over the past 2 weeks... We hope you like the new additions! We’ve had some great news about a possible inportant supporter but we will keep it secret…
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Tout noir, tout blanc

We like this book because it opens up at the end and you can use the last page to reinforce the main vocabulary from the story. It also helps to reinforce the message that some of us have different skin colours but we are one big family.
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French poetry

Do you class nursery rhymes as poetry? Personally I do, because children love them and they raise their awareness of sounds that work well together. So teaching "une souris verte" in Y3 to perform in assembly is one thing... but what about 19th century French poetry with Y5?? One of our schools had been having…
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Could your learners benefit from sessions which combine football and French?

As a practising FA coach, I, Nathalie, can come to deliver sessions teaching French through football and teaching football through French! Engaging activities guaranteed!! Visits from £80. Standard format: for a whole class, 45 minutes of teaching with football-related resources in the classroom then 45 minutes of coaching outside or in a hall. Visits can…
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