Une souris verte (petit théâtre)

With this book, you can tell and/or sing the popular rhyme "une souris verte" whilst your head sticks out of a hole in the book and is part of the story! It is highly engaging and fun to read!

This book is very hard to get a hold of but even without it you can teach the nursery rhyme and enjoy it; this other video here shows you some possible actions the children could do alongside the story. I promise you that little ones will be motivated to learn the whole poem off by heart just so they can say the last line!! For the words, click here: une souris verte paroles. If you want your pupils to sequence the sentences from the rhymes, you can print them here: Une souris verte paroles pour cartes ; if you would like to know what it is about in English, read a summary here (I made those for an assembly we did about this nursery rhyme): This is about a green mouse running in the grass .

Une souris verte (petit théâtre)

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