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Où est mon chat?

  I was recently asked if I had used this book in the past and how... I had not, even though I owned it, so I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog on it before the summer term when we may want to talk about Paris! Language of text: French Type…
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Trognon et Pépin

When I first set up the bus (in 2015), my mum asked friends and relatives in France if they had any books they could donate, and I brought back a car load in the May. This book was one of them. My mum kindly backed it with green film ha ha! Click here to watch…
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Irène la graine!

I already owned Nénègle sur la montagne by the same author (click here to find out why it is a favourite of mine with little ones) so was attracted by this story in a bookshop in Laon in April 2018; I then had to buy it, and here is why! Click here to watch a short…
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Books by Ramadier & Bourgeau

https://nattalingo.co.uk/book-blogs/le-livre-qui-dort/ https://nattalingo.co.uk/book-blogs/le-livre-amoureux/ https://nattalingo.co.uk/book-blogs/demain-je-te-mangerai/
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