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Visit to Saint Jérôme’s CofE Bilingual Primary School

Click here to watch a video of me telling a story to some of the children there - their reaction is priceless! I had the privilege of visiting St Jérôme's on Thursday 3rd October 2019, thanks to Nadine Chadier's kind invitation as she knew I was travelling to London. I absolutely loved the school from…
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Quand on fait des crêpes chez nous

This video is the 1st in a series of videos  of nursery rhymes in French. It can be found on my YouTube channel. Please do subscribe to it, I would love to reach 100 subscribers! How do they differ from other videos you can watch on YouTube? They were made with YOU in mind: either…
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La Recette – Les crêpes

Yes, this book really is that big!! I bought it in April 2019 in an independent bookshop next to my brother's in Lille. It is called "Au temps lire" and I recommend it if you are in the area; I have been back already! Click here to see inside the book in a very short…
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Trotro fait des crêpes

This book was kindly donated to me by Fred at , and it is just perfect for Chandeleur on 2nd February! As it happens... The recipe I have been using for as long as I have been making pancakes is the same as Trotro's... except I put oil in instead of butter! Here is…
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