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¿Y por quééé?

I came across this book in March 2016 and it is one of my go-to Spanish stories, I love it so much!! Language of text: Spanish Type of text: picture book Author or source: Yaël Vent des Hove Intended age of students: Key Stage 1/2 Source reference: 9788426134646 Approaches: This is the story about a little frog who, like many many children, asks a lot of questions... Will…
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Le livre qui dort

Yes, I am still going through books which I fell in love with in Paris in December 16... I met the illustrator there, Vincent Bourgeau... and here is the picture of Mini Miss Paris which he drew for me! Language of text: French Type of text: picture book Author or source: Ramadier & Bourgeau Intended age of students: Key Stages 1/2/3 Source reference: 9782211219594 Approaches: This…
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Tu lis où?

I was not looking for another book, I really wasn't... However when a friend (Vicky Cooke, in the Facebook group "Languages in Primary Schools") recommended this one for World Book Day I just felt the urge to order it (I don't normally buy books without seeing them 1st!) and I am so glad I did!! Click here to watch a short video of…
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Le pigeon qui voulait être un canard

What Soledad (the illustrator) didn’t tell me when I met her in Paris in December is that Lili, who wrote the text for this book, is her 14-year old daughter! Great collaborative work!! To be fair she had a bad back that day and looked very uncomfortable sitting down signing books... Here is the picture Soledad still drew for Mini Miss Paris though! Language of text: French Type of…
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