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Petite taupe ouvre-moi ta porte!

You could use this book when you've been teaching pets in French and want to look at extra fun animals; it is great to look at pronouns and their positions in French sentences; it also helps to make children aware of certain sounds, like "-euil", and rhymes. Finally, it is a lovely story about team…
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Tout noir, tout blanc

We like this book because it opens up at the end and you can use the last page to reinforce the main vocabulary from the story. It also helps to reinforce the message that some of us have different skin colours but we are one big family.
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Une souris verte (petit théâtre)

With this book, you can tell and/or sing the popular rhyme "une souris verte" whilst your head sticks out of a hole in the book and is part of the story! It is highly engaging and fun to read! This book is very hard to get a hold of but even without it you can teach the…
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