Win a £100 Little Linguist voucher in this end-of-year competition!

I need your help! Please start by watching this video to find out why and how.

In January, as per our French tradition (you can read a little more about it here), I want to send a New Year card to the schools I have worked with. Even if your school is not one of them (yet!), you can take part in this competition and design the most amazing front cover for me!

In order to take part, you must:

  • be aged between 7 and 11 (Y3-Y6 in England)
  • design, BY HAND AND ON AN A5 PIECE OF PAPER, portrait or landscape, the design which you think should go on the front of the card I will send out
  • write your name, age and the name of your school at the back of your entry
  • once your entry is ready, your teacher or parent must print this sheet and put it in an envelope with your work: form for teachers competition
  • your teacher must send it to the address on this page
  • your entry must get to me BY THURSDAY 10TH JANUARY

Here is a link to some ideas of greetings you may want to use. 

You may also want to check out here what our New Year cards normally look like... not that yours has to look like that!

What will you win? A £100 Little Linguist voucher to get languages books for your school (check out here all the books they have!) what and a French book for yourself, signed by its author!

Do you have any questions? Then please ask them in the comments below so others can see them and their answers!

Bonne chance!!


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