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There are many ways you can get in touch... and hopefully stay in touch! One way is if you sign up at the bottom of my home page for my monthly updates, but you can also...

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  • Check out my Facebook page; like it... but only if you really like it!
  • Send me a tweet;¬†follow me if you want to keep up with what am up to, even though I only just about manage to keep up with myself!
  • Connect with¬†me on LinkedIn... if you use LinkedIn regularly or intend to do so...
  • Phone me on 07767124490, but be aware that my phone is normally on silent so the chances are I will need to ring you back!
  • Email me at nathalieparis@nattalingo.co.uk or fill in the form below; I love getting mail!
  • Write to me at 20 West Road, Consett, DH8 8QF (I still love to send and receive "real" mail too!)


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