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Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th October

Here is the answer to how to say "binge" in French! (from Word Reference which is great because it puts words in context); I have heard and like the latter one best!

Les jours de pluie, j'aime regarder des films à l'excès.
Les jours de pluie, j'aime enchaîner les films.
Les jours de pluie, je me fais un marathon de films.

I was also asked what "informative" was in French: it is "instructif"!

About collectives for animals: we just don't have many at all! Click here for the most I could find!

Finally 2 sites that were recommended for you to listen to French radio: news in slow French and radio garden.

Merci et à bientôt!


PLEASE NOTE: to those of you who asked me to be moved up or down a level and who mentioned not having access to Blackboard... I passed the information on to the UWLP secretary (Michelle, on the top level of the Old Library Building) on Tuesday evening, so if you have not heard anything from her please chase up (I advise you go to the office to ask) as I am afraid there is nothing else I can personally do. Bonne chance!

Monday 14th and Tuesday 21st October

Your presentations, in small groups or to the whole class.

Types of films at the cinéma: types of films and opinions

Exercice d'écoute page 119-120 du livre listening pages 119 120

Arranging a meet up exercise: trapdoor arranging a meet up

Grammaire: le passé composé cartes passé composé: cartes passe compose

Exercice using le passé composé: exercice passe compose extra: les verbes pronominaux reflexive verbs

French pronunciation: vowel sounds and "on", "ou" and " oi" sounds


Using the document below to help you, write as detailed an account as you possibly can of your normal weeekly routine, then of what you actually did at the week-end. You do not have to tell the truth; you can even write about someone else!

Daily Routine - Vocabulary Sheet

Bonne chance!


Information about conversation groups you may be interested in!

Newcastle University UWLP

Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd October

Focus on the past tense using verbs who take "être" and reflexive verbs


Newcastle University UWLP

Exercices: Passé composéverbsrequireetreexercises etre_detective2 REFLEXIVE in the PAST Passe_compose_irregular_verbs_workout

Bataille navale (activité orale) battleship passe compose etre

Livre page 127: exercice d'écoute

Newcastle University UWLP

Le Puy du Fou

Trip Advisor for reading activities  : une journée de rêve; des spectacles à couper le souffle!


Trip Advisor: écrivez VOTRE avis sur un endroit auquel vous avez rendu visite pour du vrai!

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