Whatever your situation, I can certainly recommend books for you!!

You may listen to my podcast, watch my videos, read my book blog or read my general blog FOR FREE! I hope you will find it helps you and your children on your language learning journey. I have also organised posts which I think might be of interest to you.

I do not currently teach children with their family members, but there are other ways I can help you on your route to language learning as a family.

Are you someone who wants their child to learn a language before they start school or outside school? Do get in touch, I will point you in the right direction.

Are you someone who is home educating their child and wants to include another language? Do get in touch, I can support your work too. I think you will find my resources in the schools section very useful.

Are you someone whose native language is not English and you want to bring up your child bilingually? Do get in touch: my own children are bilingual (English and French) and I know people and organisations which can help.

Even if I cannot help you directly, I will most probably know someone who will be able to, so it does not cost anything to get in touch and ask!