Assessments and Ofsted!

I don't know about you, but at the moment I am assessing my pupils' progress... Just before I start teaching them about Christmas in France and Spain! I have used self and peer assessment a lot in the past, which works as you only have to check that they know what they say they know... However today I discovered a wonderful way of checking the children's speaking skills: I took my amazing puppet theatre in, set the task, gave time to practise, then the pupils took it in turns to perform whilst I made notes and voila!! It was painless, we all had fun and they didn't even realise what I was doing! I'll certainly do that again!!

Another one of my schools had Ofsted in this week. Last time, I offered to go in to see them on my day off but they weren't interested. This time I was in anyway!! I was only part of a "learning walk" and again offered to have a chat about French but I was told it wasn't necessary. We are looking forward to seeing what is said about languages in the report when it comes out!

So all is all we are making good progress with our projects and having fun, so all is well!

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