EDoL 2014

Please feel free to use the attached documents which helped me plan a full day of activities for everyone for EDL on 25th September 2014 at St Mary's, Blackhill. Get in touch if you want more info about the artefacts we used for the quizzes; we got a grant from Europe Direct North East to buy them and prizes, which was really helpful. Thanks to the grant I put a quiz together and bought artefacts which I still have and, if you are local to me, you can be borrow!

Presentation for assembly: EDL assembly

Quizzes: EDL quiz KS1 Answers to EDL quiz KS1 EDL quiz KS2 Answers to EDL quiz KS2 easy quiz

2014 ALLNE Euroepan Day of Languages Competition: EDL_Competition_2014 North East

You can also read below, for further inspiration:

What is YOUR favourite European Day of Languages activity?

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