Football Remembers

I have loved doing this so much I thought I'd share it with you all!!

The British Council have produced some excellent resources here to help remember the Christmas truce in 1914. Here's what I have selected and used in my KS2 languages lessons:

In the activities document, pages 3 and 5 are informative for background info.
In the sources document, I have read page 17 with the pupils to give them an idea of how the truce was not experienced in the same way everywhere and by everyone.
We then look at an account in French page 40 – kids loved looking for cognates and trying to work out what it was about, even in Y3 !! They were very good too !
Next we looked at how propaganda used football to entice young men to go to war with page 56 ; football and the First World War page 49 and finally women’s football page 50, which includes some chocking facts !
To finish off, I recommend using, in the activities document, page 14 with the French phrases soldiers may have used – they are fun !
I have found these resources to be most engaging and I hope you have as much fun as I have had using them ! What an exciting week ahead of Christmas activities!!

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