French poetry

Do you class nursery rhymes as poetry? Personally I do, because children love them and they raise their awareness of sounds that work well together. So teaching "une souris verte" in Y3 to perform in assembly is one thing... but what about 19th century French poetry with Y5?? One of our schools had been having a poetry fortnight so we decided to join in in our French lessons.

I recited "la flute" by Jean Richepin as I've loved it since I had to learn it at primary school. The pupils adored it!! I got a spontaneous round of applause and they wanted to tell me the words they'd recognised... They'd listened to it actively!! They also wanted to know more about it, the story etc.

So next time I read "proper" poetry I will dedicate more time to it and look at the poem with the children because I know they want to and can do it!

Let's be ambitious with the language we expose our little ones too!!

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