It is nearly the end of our hub’s first academic year!

I can't believe it... Our ALL Primary Hub was only set up in January 2015 yet it feels like we've worked together for ages! We welcome new members all the time though: Nicola is the latest addition to the group and she has fitted right in from the start!

We have worked very hard on our ALL Connect course, so we have in fact had 5 sessions altogether since January; ALL Primary Hubs normally only meet once a term as everyone is so busy but there are no rigid rules so we can meet more if we want/feel the need to!

We are already looking forward to meeting up again in the new school year. What my colleagues tell me they like best about the group is that they often feel isolated in their job as a languages teacher so it is a chance to get together with people in a similar position in order to discuss things, share ideas and support each other.

I am also an honorary member of the Gosforth Hub at Regent Farm First School: there is no limit to the number of hubs you can join and it is all FREE! What are you waiting for? Join your local ALL Primary Hub! If there isn't one, you can set one up. Do it, you'll be glad you did!

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