Memorising the geography of Spain and developing speaking skills

This week at St Mary's we worked with Y3 and Y4 to introduce saying where we live in Spanish. As we all want to live in Spain (!), we used a map of Spain on the board and picked Spanish cities. For speaking, we used 5 inflatable microphones (as suggested by Greg Horton in the latest ALL magazine, £1.49 each from www.partydelights.co.uk) and they were a great success!! 5 people had to walk around asking the question in Spanish to as many people as they could in 30 seconds to a minute. Those answering had to pick a different city each time they got asked. Then 5 different people had the microphones and we swapped over until everyone had had a go at practising the question. It was great to reinforce certain rules about pronunciation in Spanish but also to learn about the geography of the country! To test that we could remember, at the end some pupils were blindfolded and to get a point for their team had to point to whereabouts on the map certain cities were!

In Roseberry Primary School, everyone got to use a bilingual dictionary for the first time. We are looking forward to more dictionary skills later in the year!

For more information about any of the activities, please just email me... it will cost you nothing to get in touch!!

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