Nursery rhymes and using authentic resources

Wow, what another busy beginning of the week it has been!

At St Mary's yesterday, I was preparing Y3 for their last speaking assessment so we were revising the key questions and asnwers we have learned this year. We had started making minibooks (more about Clare Seccombe's amazing ideas on them here ) a month ago so we updated them with the last question we introduced 2 weeks ago (about where you live). Then we used the inflatable microphones for the second time ever; this time though I gave one microphone per table and once someone had asked a question the person who'd answered it go the microphone and had to ask the next question. We practised only one question at a time but if I'd had longer I'd have got the children to ask random questions which would have been more challenging. Still, it was good revision and we are looking forward to some lovely puppet shows in a fortnight!

It was our 3rd and penultimate French lesson with Y6 and we focused on the culture: we looked at laminated maps of the world showing French-speaking countries, used the 12 blindfolds (from Primark and Claire's Accessories) and more laminated maps to test our geography of France and also practised our French handwriting. It was the most work they'd done all day!

At Shotley Bridge Nursery School Ltd, we were focusing on nursery rhymes and songs. We started with "je te tiens, tu me tiens, par la barbichette": one group were rubbish at it and couldn't stop laughing, the other group didn't find it funny at all ha! Then we sang and danced to "savez-vous planter les choux" followed by a song about colours which I love, "bleu, blanc, rouge" (we used flashcards to help us) and finally "Frere Jacques"... I couldn't not do it!! Great fun was had by all... even those not laughing!!

Finally at Roseberry Primary and Nursery School Y5 were out on a trip, so we had longer with Y3 and Y4. As their geography topic is still France, we were looking at authentic resources which I picked up at the tourist office in Le Nouvion: I got 5 copies 5 different resources, prepared activities (challenges, see document attached) for each set and we set up a carousel. Each group only had time to look at 2 resources so that's next week's lessons sorted already!

Last but not least, with Y6 we used a set of French calendars which have, every month, a child-friendly recipe at the back. They enabled us to do a quiz on cultural references and food (see document attached)! I think I will try it with younger pupils (Y5 next week maybe) to see if they enjoy it as much!

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