Visits to Mountfield Primary School, Kenton, Newcastle upon Tyne

This week we spent 2 and a half days at Mountfield Primary School...which was a lot of fun! I actually feel bad asking for money for my work there as it was so enjoyable!! What made it special is I have been working on and off with that school for over 10 years and have helped them with their annual French Day for about 5 years now. When I worked at Kenton School, I used to take 12 Y7 or Y8 pupils along with me to help which was a fantastic experience for them too. We always seem to get lovely weather for our French picnic as well! The theme this year was fetes and fiestas; I was telling them about Mardi Gras (I know, wrong time of year but fascinating nonethless!) ; click here for ideas that I used.

This year as well as spending the French Day there I took RaLFF le Bibliobook on the Wednesday afternoon and the Friday all day so every class from nursery to Y6 could get a slot of 30-60 minutes on the mobile library. We read stories, enacted them with puppets, used our white boards and pens to complete challenges based on the books etc.I particularly love it when children first get on the bus and are totally wowed... then they don't want to leave! Some of them came back to see me with their families after school to show them RaLFF so I didn't set off quite as early as I thought I would... that was absolutely fine though!

All in all, that was another very successfull trip!!

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