The mobile library is coming on 29th January!!!

I cannot describe in words how excited I am... Yes, my mobile library is being delivered to its new home at Prospect Business Park, Leadgate, on Thursday 29th January!! I decided in the end not to go and pick it up myself from Yorkshire; I will get used to driving it around the roads which I know before I take it on a long drive. It is a 7.5t vehicle after all!!

We are eagerly waiting to hear about our application for an operator's licence so we can set a date to launch our new adventure. In the meantime we are still ringing around to try to find cheaper insurance for the vehicle!

This time last year I was feeling like work had taken over my life in a bad way... Now it has taken over my life but in such a good way that it doesn't even feel like work anymore... Most of the time anyway!

I am looking forward to posting a photo of me and my mobile library very soon!

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