The mobile library is going in for its makeover!

We are getting so close now to being able to launch the Bibliobook side of the business it seems to be getting forever! Isn't it ironic?!

If you'd like to see what it will look like (minor changes to come), please click here. We are looking forward to sharing actual photos with you next week!

The highlight of the past week though has been the ALL Language World 2015. What an amazing, life-changing even, experience!! We met so many like-minded and lovely people, had lots of fun, got comforted in things that we do, learnt lots, made contacts, got new ideas... The list is endless! It was worth every penny and we would strongly recommend it for next Year, 10th & 11th March in Rugby!

In school, we have started talking about Easter in France and Spain. We were sad to say goodbye to the pupils at Beamish Primary after 2 terms with them (especially as they won't be getting any French next term at all) but it will give us 2 whole days per week to drive the mobile library around! We combined the topic of Easter in France with an introduction to dictionary skills; check out here for resources on how you can do that too!

Mumpreneur yesterday was as friendly and useful as ever. Perspective Consett  delivered a great talk on social media and we met even more lovely and fascinating people.

Have a great week everyone!

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