We have been granted an operator’s licence!

There certainly is never a dull moment when you have your own business!

After spending the past 3 weeks working hard on the inside of the mobile library, giving it a real spring clean, we were getting itchy feet as we were wondering when we would be able to get started properly... So as it had been over 9 weeks since we appplied for our operator's licence, we thought we'd ring up to check where the process was at... Only to be told we'd been approved and the letter came in the post later that day!! I cheered and nearly cried too!!

A class set of books and other new books and resources came last week too from our sponsor, Little Linguist. It felt like Christmas as we were opening our parcel!

In lessons, our new favourite game is car parks by Clare Seccombe... It is just a shame one of our head teachers walked in on a lesson where all the pupils were engaged in the activity, practising numbers, but she felt the need to tell them they were making too much noise... You cannot please everyone!

Finally our latest book is " Le loup, la chèvre et les chevreaux", which kids have been enjoying greatly! (pun intended!)

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