We’re getting the mobile library ready!

It's half-term but we're full of busy, as always! So I am decorating my children's rooms but they've been saving me a lot of work too! My 14-year old son has started cataloguing the titles of the books which will be available to borrow from our mobile library and he is doing a lot of the design work; my 11-year old daughter is working on our future online catalogue and she has written a Natta-Lingo song which she has been playing on her guitar! I love how they are so involved in our big project.

We got confirmation that we are getting funding to help with marketing, so we are starting to work on designing our strategy with Perspective this week, which we are looking forward to.

At the same time, the signage for the mobile library is being designed whilst I am prepapring to deliver training on the use of picture books in languages lessons on Thursday 26th February, 4pm - 5.15pm at Regent Farm Infants in Newcastle. Please feel free to join us... but let us know in advance that you will!

To all of you teachers out there... enjoy the break!

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