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Nathalie oozes enthusiasm and passion about her language and brings it to life.

We booked 2 half day sessions, in which Nathalie helped us to develop our teaching of  listening, speaking, reading and writing skills across the MFL curriculum.
She brought this to life through games and activities that are simple yet so effective.
Teachers were implementing the games that afternoon in French sessions with the children responding with engagement and excitement.
The sessions have enhanced the confidence of our staff and developed the progression of our teaching.

I would highly recommend the services of Nathalie.​

1st March 2023

Amanda Shippen

Staindrop CofE Primary School

Nathalie has been working with our school since 2016, having a significant and positive effect on the teaching and learning of French in school, but also enriching the lives of our students: building their Cultural Capital. She often leads whole school assemblies to showcase the activities she has delivered with the children. The staff and children love these as she uses a range of interesting resources and activities (role-play, story-telling, puppets and props) and lots of humour to communicate her passion for France and the French language and excite and engage the Carville Family. Nathalie has an excellent and engaging communication style and on many levels communicates clearly and precisely in both English and French. It is incredibly beneficial to the children to become immersed in another culture through Nathalie’s experiences and to compare their lives to the lives of people living in France. Nathalie is dedicated, committed, always thoroughly prepared and has boundless energy. Her involvement with school has given us a model of effective delivery of National Curriculum French and we are incredibly grateful for her time and expertise.

Mr Rob Harker

Headteacher, Carville Primary School

Nathalie has been a huge help to our school. Over a year ago she helped us to start our MFL journey. On the whole our staff lacked confidence and were very anxious about teaching French. After a number of staff meetings and a few modelled lessons everyone felt a lot better and were keen to have a go at the games that had been modelled. She helped to advise us on a scheme to use that would both support the staff and appeal to the children. Nathalie has also been into school to help with European day of languages. She led an assembly which had all of the children singing and joining in with actions. She has been and still is a great help with all things MFL related.

Gemma Smith

South Stanley Junior School

Nathalie Paris is a very generous professional offering her French resources to us over lockdown. My children absolutely loved her videos and they particularly liked the song Le Poussin Piou that she recommended. The beauty of her being a native is that she knows the culture so well and that is important too when you are learning a language. Thank you for all your hard work.

Susan Paez

FEEDBACK – please be honest so I can get even better!

School: Greenland Community Primary School
Classes: Reception-Y6
Date: 27th September 2019
1.     Facilities and equipment12345
2.     Nathalie’s approach12345
3.     Selection of stories12345


Teachers’ favourite part: The whole day was great! I loved the assembly as it promoted a love of languages. All children were engaged as it was very child-friendly.
Pupils’ favourite part: Holding the puppets when reading ¿Y POR QUÉÉÉ? The children loved this story!
What you would have liked less of: Nothing!
What you would have liked more of: If there was more time maybe the children could have learned a Spanish song.

Any other comment:Thanks again for coming to Greenland! It was a terrific way to end our European week of languages.

Would it please be ok for Nathalie to use your feedback and the name of your school online? YES


From all of us here, a huge THANK YOU! We had an amazing two days and every single person, adult or child, I’ve spoken to had only good things to say. The resources and timetabling before the event were fantastic and we’ve had brilliant communication throughout. On the days the children loved the assemblies and visits to the bus, I’ve heard that the pitch was perfect right from nursery to year 6 which is some feat. I only wish we could have had even longer! I would not hesitate to invite you back into school in future and will pass this on to whoever covers French during my Maternity leave.

Feedback forms are in the staff room and I’ve had quite a few back already so will post these through when I’ve collected as many as I can.

Thank you so much again Nathalie. What a fabulous event! I know some of the teachers are also following your Twitter now and recommending you to others.

Teachers’ favourite part: How engaged the children were in the stories – use of props, actions etc
Pupils’ favourite part: Seeing the books in French that they love e.g. mickey mouse, wimpy kid
What you would have liked less of: N/A
What you would have liked more of: N/A
Any other comment:

Absolutely fantastic. Children and staff loved it!

Teachers’ favourite part: hearing all the children using their French vocab
Pupils’ favourite part: linkng football to their French
What you would have liked less of: Nothing
What you would have liked more of: thought it was spot on
Any other comment:

Thank you for giving the children a purpose to their French speaking. I’ll be stealing lots of the ideas!


Teachers’ favourite part:  Your enthusiasm for story telling!
Pupils’ favourite part: They enjoyed it all, but the best bit was passing the loups around during the story!
What you would have liked less of: Nothing
What you would have liked more of: We would have loved to have had even more time with you!
Any other comment:

Our students thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with you! They loved the idea of coming on your ‘French’ bus and were delighted to be allowed to touch all the books, puppets and cuddly toys. They were engaged in the stories and eagerly listened for details. They all left the bus asking when they could do it again! Merci beaucoup!

Nathalie’s boundless energy and enthusiasm charmed all those who attended our online workshops which were aimed at primary school practitioners. Her easy demeanour and practical tips made the topic seem accessible to all who attended. Delegates were full of praise for her very straight forward and step by step delivery. It is wonderful to have Nathalie act as an advocate for primary language learning and to so fervently offer support for the delivery of an international perspective to learning. Translating ideas into easy to follow steps for classroom leaders to adopt is one of Nathalie’s strengths – coupled with her great personality, it makes her an inspiring speaker and one who can help transform classroom learning.

Brian Stobie

International Officer, Durham County Council British Council Ambassador

Thanks Nathalie. I’m sorry that I didn’t see much (hopefully next time) but the staff and children are extremely enthused!

NB I have been helping their school get started with French: I have delivered training to the staff and now work with the staff and pupils one day a month.

Had the loveliest of mornings this morning with Nathalie Paris. The children learnt so much and comment from one boy afterwards was that it was absolutely fantastic doing football and French together! And I learnt so much from Nathalie too that I look forward to using. Thanks Nathalie x

Posted on Facebook, 22/06/2018:

Teachers’ favourite part: Watching the children interact with Nathalie.
Pupils’ favourite part: Using puppets and learning new language.
What you would have liked less of:
What you would have liked more of:
Any other comment:


The children thoroughly enjoyed their time on the bus.

Absolute privilege to see our Nathalie Paris in action today at our school. I spoke to kids from classes across the school and they were all so excited to get on the bus! Thanks for bringing your magic Nathalie, we have lots of inspired children thanks to your French story telling skills ????????????❤ Bravo!!

Posted on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, 21/06/18

Teachers’ favourite part: Seeing the curiosity and enthusiasm on the children’s faces.
Pupils’ favourite part: Picking out the puppets and being able to sit with them while listening to a story.
What you would have liked less of: Nothing- everything was excellent.
What you would have liked more of: time per year group (Maybe book you for longer next time)
Any other comment:

Nathalie has a lovely nature towards the children. She was very engaging and the children loved her. Excellent resources throughout the bus from the books to the small puppets. Very engaging books and some excellent story telling skills.

All staff and children really enjoyed their day. Thank you very much!

Teachers’ favourite part: Seeing how the children enjoyed the stories.
Pupils’ favourite part: Using the puppets to tell the stories.
What you would have liked less of: Nothing
What you would have liked more of: We think it was just right.
Any other comment:

Great how the children were able to retain some of the new words. A very enjoyable day for all.

Teachers’ favourite part: Colleagues thought the concept was quirky and interesting, and they thought the texts and themes chosen were great for this festive time of year.
Pupils’ favourite part: As above.
What you would have liked less of: Pressure – I think the time allocation may have been a little short, and that was down to me.
What you would have liked more of: Space – several colleagues felt that space was a bit tight, and that groups should have been limited to no more than 15. Again – that was down to me.
Any other comment: Colleagues were very positive about the experience. Only one colleague mentioned anything critical, and that was a Health and Safety point regarding the bus, but I think she spoke with you about that.

Teachers’ favourite part:Nathalie’s enthusiasm!

Different and unusual learning environment.

Children’s engagement, particularly those with poor concentration.

Linking of appropriate stories relevant to work in class eg colours in Y2 and animals in Y4.

Brilliant way of showcasing Primary Languages to parents attending ‘Come and See’ morning.


Pupils’ favourite part:Rec The rude rabbit story

Y1 Joining in with new French words

Y2 Reading the stories and using the puppets

Y4 Loved acting with the puppets in whole school assembly


What you would have liked less of:N/A



What you would have liked more of:More time and more stories – exactly what Nathalie did on the day.


Any other comment:Deputy Head – A fantastic session! The children loved it and were very enthusiastic.  Thank you!