working with schools
My school services include, amongst others, storytelling, regular teaching and continuing professional development.


working with families
I can work with you to give you the skills you need to support your child's language learning.


talks and workshops
As I am an experienced speaker and presenter, you may want to talk to me about your event.

news & events

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to Nattalingo

Nathalie with furry thing on hand

The Mobile French Language Teacher.

My name is Nathalie Paris (I promise you, it is my real French name!) and after teaching full-time in secondary education for 19 years I decided to become self-employed : having enjoyed teaching languages for over 10 years in primary feeder schools, I chose to focus on that (I currently still teach in 2 schools) ; then in order to share my extensive collection of French books with others... the idea came about (it was my very good friend Carol's!) of putting them in a mobile library ! I ran storytelling sessions on my bus from 2015 to 2020; sadly, in February 2020, I had to let go of it... I am still here though: I run storytelling sessions in schools and travel around to support primary schools with their language teaching in many ways. Click here to find out how!

The name Nattalingo was my son's idea: as I am called Nathalie, it is a play on words combining my name and the word lingo. Natha-lingo didn't read right so we changed the spelling!


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