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Working with schools
My school services include, amongst others, storytelling, regular teaching and continuing professional development.


working with families
I can work with you to give you the skills you need to support your child's language learning.


Talks and workshops
As I am an experienced speaker and presenter, you may want to talk to me about your event.

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to Nattalingo

Nathalie Paris Doing some training as a mobile French language teacherThe Mobile French Language Teacher.

My name is Nathalie Paris (I promise you, it is my real French name!) and after teaching full-time in secondary education for 19 years I decided to become self-employed : having enjoyed teaching languages for over 10 years in primary feeder schools I chose to focus on that (I currently teach in 3 schools) ; then in order to share my extensive collection of French books with others... the idea came about (it was my very good friend Carol's!) of putting them in a mobile library and becoming a mobile French language teacher! Please note : LE BIBLIOBOOK IS MUCH MORE THAN JUST A MOBILE LIBRARY !!

The name Nattalingo was my son's idea: as I am called Nathalie, it is a play on words combining my name and the word lingo. Natha-lingo didn't read right so we changed the spelling!


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