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Paris pop up

This book was a present to me quite a few years ago, before I even went to my 1st book festival in Montreuil, but that is where it came from: my cousin met the author and I got my own personalised extra 3D monument to go with the book! You can see it in the video...

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Le yoga des petits

I bought this great book from Little Linguist in the summer of 2021 (you may have noticed that I did order quite a few then!) - click here to get your own copy. I was looking for a book that I could use with little ones (2-5 year olds) when I had them for a...

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La chauve-souris

I bought this adorable book from Little Linguist in the summer of 2021 - click here to get your own copy! Language of text: FrenchType of text: pop up picture bookAuthor or source: Kimiko, published by l'école des loisirsIntended age of students: Key Stage 1/2Source...

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Dans ta tête

I bought this book in the summer of 2021 - I am a big fan of Matthieu Maudet's work, so if you like this book, do click here to check out others that I have written blogs on!Language of text: FrenchType of text: picture bookAuthor or source: Matthieu Maudet, published...

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EDoL 2021

In 2020, for the European Day of Languages (26th September every year), I recycled an old (classic) idea in one of my schools: each class chose a European country and did some research on it. Then each child got given a piece of bunting (triangular card) where,...

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Bloub bloub bloub

I bought this lovely story from a car boot sale in France a few years back. I seem to be attracted by French translations of Japanese stories! Extra resources on French websites: click here for the "dossier pédagogique" provided by l'école des loisirs, or click here...

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