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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions fréquemment posées

What does a day of storytelling day in school look like?

It is entirely up to you! Normally I start with a whole-school assembly then spend some time with each class involved, either in their classroom (I move around) or they come to me (I may be based in the school library for instance). I can work with as many children as the area I am in will allow! If you have any preferred topics, and if you do I will try my best to find stories to fit in with those. A puppet theatre can also be brought in to make the stories even more interactive. Do you have any questions? Just ask!


Nathalie, are you actually a teacher?

Yes, I am and I am CRB checked. I qualified in 1995 and taught full time in secondary schools until 2014. For 10 of those years, I also worked weekly in primary schools, supporting the teaching of languages with younger pupils and training teachers. In 2014 I became self-employed; I currently still teach weekly, as a specialist French teacher, in 2 primary schools in County Durham and I fit the rest of my work around those commitments. I also regularly deliver sessions in a local nursery school and teach French for Newcastle University - so a teacher is what I am, and teaching is what I do best, I feel!

What languages services do you offer to schools?

I currently offer the following:

  1. regular teaching of French in nursery and primary schools (weekly but also monthly and half-termly)
  2. storytelling in French.
  3. support with the organisation and delivery of special languages days
  4. staff training on various primary languages matters, eg languages and literacy.

Click here for my monthly round up of picture books, ideas, resources and opportunities... straight in your mail box!

How much does it cost to work with you?

If you are a school, the following costs are within 15 miles of Consett where I am based.

  1. regular teaching: £80 per afternoon, £180 per day
  2. support with special languages day/events: £100 per afternoon, £200 per day
  3. staff training: £100 per hour
  4. storytelling in the classroom: £100 per afternoon, £200 per day; storytelling on the bus: from £150 per afternoon, £260 per day (based on how far you are, please contact me for a quote)

For families, several options are coming soon!

If you are an organisation looking to make a booking for a conference or other event, costs will vary greatly. Read more here about what I can do.


Do you work with families?

Though I don't actually teach classes, I love supporting members of the family who want their children to learn French. Whatever your circumstances, i am confident that I can either help you or point you in the right direction, so click here to check out the "families" section of my website or click here to get in touch!

Coming soon: puppet shows in French to help you learn, and a course for children from age 7!

Have you got any experience as a speaker?

If you know me... you will know that I love reading but I also love speaking! Yes, I have delivered many talks, workshops and training sessions. You can read more here about my work in this area.