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About Me

Find out about me, Nathalie Paris, AKA Nattalingo!

Yes, Nathalie PARIS is my real name!! I am a qualified and experienced languages teacher who currently delivers French and Spanish lessons weekly in 3 primary schools. What do I do with the rest of my week? I aim to support the hard work which is being done by teachers, parents and carers to develop literacy, reading and the learning of languages... and sometimes to do this I DRIVE MY MOBILE FRENCH LIBRARY BUS! On it, children in schools or members of the public can take part in storytelling sessions. Alternatively, they may (at a reasonable cost) borrow French books or authentic French resources. Some Spanish and some German stories are also available. Do you want to instil a love of languages, books and stories like I do? I can help you!
I have, as a result of working with the bus and many many stories, become a French children's picture books specialist; I choose a story every week, write a blog on it and publish it here on my website. The blogs include ideas on how teachers and parents can exploit the chosen story with their pupils and children. I have written some blogs on Spanish and German books too.
As I also love helping and working with people, I enjoy speaking at conferences and delivering training to languages teachers, specialist and non-specialist; I have recently started recording a podcast so I can give them support from home too!
One more thing... as a qualified FA coach, I offer visits to schools to run football coaching sessions in French; I have done this in Spanish too.
To summarise, I aim to inspire and support children, school staff and families as they embark on a long and happy language learning journey together... a journey full of stories!!

Do you want to know what working with me in a school setting looks like? Click here for more details!

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Welcome to my new website. I am currently in the process of organising and adding new content: please bear with me, it is a steep learning curve!

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  • Football Skills
    As a qualified FA coach, I also propose to develop both your pupils' French skills and their football skills... at the same time! Chek out below what one school thought of it: FEEDBACK – PLEASE BE HONEST SO WE CAN GET EVEN BETTER!...
  • Continuing Professional Development
    Do you need help with matters relating to primary languages? I can most certainly support you and deliver training in school! Find out more about my services and their costs here....