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Learn French from home
Learn French from home

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EDoL 2021

In 2020, for the European Day of Languages (26th September every year), I recycled an old (classic) idea in one of my schools: each class chose a European country and did some research on it. Then each child got given a piece of bunting (triangular card) where,...

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Bloub bloub bloub

I bought this lovely story from a car boot sale in France a few years back. I seem to be attracted by French translations of Japanese stories! Extra resources on French websites: click here for the "dossier pédagogique" provided by l'école des loisirs, or click here...

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Le huit mai / le 8 mai

If you find the article below helpful, please consider clicking here to sign up and receive similar releases straight in your mail box! After putting a short blog together about "le premier mai" (click here to view it!), I felt I needed to do the same for "le 8 mai",...

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