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In 2020, for the European Day of Languages (26th September every year), I recycled an old (classic) idea in one of my schools: each class chose a European country and did some research on it. Then each child got given a piece of bunting (triangular card) where, depending on their age, they either drew a flag, wrote a word or a phrase (for instance “my name is”) in the language of that country etc. Finally in each class or the school hall, the bunting got displayed. They used the “Languages take you further” booklet as a reference: click here to download it, it is a great one!

If you want to keep things simple, here is what the class teachers and I are doing:

Oh and we are hoping to take part in this year’s ALL NE (open to the whole in the UK) European Day of Languages competition! Click here for more details: European_Day_of_Languages_Competition_2021.docx  – closing date 6th October.

Below are extra useful links I have come across and liked:

Click here for more European Day of Languages ideas from past years.

What is YOUR favourite European Day of Languages activity? Please do share it in the comments so others see your amazing ideas too!

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