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Through Nattalingo I enjoy Working with a partner school. In one of my schools, I have 3 KS2 classes and each one of them corresponds with a different class (and school!) in France!

It may sound like at work, but it is easier than you think. The hardest part is finding a reliable school/teacher! Once you have found them, the fun can start!

I thought I would gather below some tried and tested ideas from over the years, and share resources that I have used.


It is much more meaningful to the children if they write a letter and send it to their French friends then if they write something in their books for the teacher to read!

As a result, it is a great motivator.

Even reluctant learners are likely to want to be involved (only ever had one who didn’t want to be).

Aims of the exchange:

In order to practise our writing skills, we tend to send them things in French and they send us things in English… but not always!

We realistically aim to write to each other once a term, and to organise 2 video calls per year.

Letter / digital exchange ideas

1) Send them a recording of a song that you have learnt in their language.

2) Send them photos of your schools.

3) Send them photos of the area where your school is – either labelled in their language or in both their language and yours. This can be printed (like a booklet) or a presentation sent via email.

4) Send your friends a letter based on what you have been learning in your lessons, eg saying your name, age and birthday.

Example: in Octobre, we write a short introductory note and send it with a Halloween craft.

  1. Click here for the Halloween craft (we have tried number 3 in the video, from 4’14)
  2. See here for the writing template

Video calls ideas

1) Teach your friends some vocabulary to help them with their learning / Ask your friends to teach you some vocabulary related to your learning.

2) Read a story to them / They read you a story.

Other resources

What else do YOU do? Or do you have any comments? Please share below!

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Merci !