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French picture books with BAME characters in them

Ruth Magee, in the supportive Facebook group "Languages in Primary Schools", challenged me to put a blog together about books by BAME authors or featuring BAME characters, for use in the primary French classroom. This is as far as I have got so far... I am ashamed to say that, when I checked, the only…
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Stories about wolves

I was delivering training in London a few years ago when someone put their hand up and asked: "What it is with the French and their obsession with wolves in stories?". She seemed so annoyed! Up to that point, I had never thought anything of it, having grown up with a lot of wolves in…
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P’tit loup fête Pâques

WIN A COPY OF THIS BOOK WITH LITTLE LINGUIST! Closing date: Tuesday 17th March 2020 If you are looking for a story in French about Easter that also includes French traditions on Easter Sunday, then you will like this book! Click here to look at the inside of the book and give you a good…
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Une patate à vélo

If you are looking to have a giggle with your children... look no further! This is guaranteed to make everyone smile! Click here to look at the inside of the book and give you a good idea what it is about in a very short video on my YouTube channel! Language of text: French Type of…
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