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La Recette – Les crêpes

Yes, this book really is that big!! I bought it in April 2019 in an independent bookshop next to my brother's in Lille. It is called "Au temps lire" and I recommend it if you are in the area; I have been back already! Click here to see inside the book in a very short…
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Trotro fait des crêpes

This book was kindly donated to me by Fred at , and it is just perfect for Chandeleur on 2nd February! As it happens... The recipe I have been using for as long as I have been making pancakes is the same as Trotro's... except I put oil in instead of butter! Here is…
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La véritable histoire de la Galette des Rois

See the inside of the book in this very short video over on my YouTube channel - click here! I am not actually sure where I acquired this boook. However it is a fab one for older children, I would say 11 and above, or native speakers. Enjoy! Language of text: French Type of text: picture…
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L’âne Trotro – le roi de la galette

Click here to see inside this book in a very short video on my YouTube channel... to which you can subscribe of course! I actually bought this book in December 2018 with a view to have it ready for January 2020 as I already had stories for Janaury 2019... however I loved it so much…
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