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Books about books for World Book Day

Every day is Book Day as far as I am concerned... but I still love an excuse for everyone to celebrate books. Here are my books about books! "J'aime les livres" There are so many kinds of books you are bound to like at least one of them! Which is your favourite type? Click here…
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J’aime les livres

Well it goes without saying that I like books!! You may know the original version of this story as it was written in English. Please watch this short (2 minute) video introducing it, then come back to this blog! Language of text: French Type of text: picture book Author or source: Anthony Browne, published by kaléidoscope Intended age…
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Nattalingo’s natter – episode 11

Nattalingo's natter

The show aims to support anyone who teaches languages to children up to the age of 13. You will find out about Nathalie's own experiences in the classroom, learn new ideas to support language teaching and listen to interviews with other languages specialists and practitioners.

In this episode I talk about:

  • coping with an awkward situation in the classroom
  • the things I feel we (personally or our schools) should be prepared to pay for (3'25)
  • BONUS: a teaching track to listen to with your pupils (15'13'')

Useful links

How would you have dealt with the situation described at the beginning of this podcast?

What do you think is worth paying for to support your teaching?

Which books about teaching languages can you recommend?

Please answer in the comments below!

J’ai pas dit partez!

After being a fan of Audrey Poussier's animal characters for a while, I finally got to meet her at the Salon du Livre et de La Presse Jeunesse in Montreuil in December 2018. This is where I bought this story which Audrey kindly signed for me, as you can see. She truly was adorable! You…
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