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French Teachers’ Day 2019

Click here for the presentation I have shown: version to show French Teachers' Day 5 October 2019 phonics Click here for my presentation plus extra links and notes: French Teachers' Day 5 October 2019 phonics For all presentations from the day, on IF Profs (register for free) click below: If you attended and haven't…
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Primary Network Meeting Coombe Girls’ School

Click here for my presentation: make your stories sparkle and vocabulary learning techniques pptx N.B. Would you like to read about books, ideas, resources and opportunities for the primary languages classroom? Then click here to receive a monthly round up of my blog (and more!) straight in your mail box!
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Nattalingo’s natter – episode 17

Nattalingo's natter

The show aims to support anyone who teaches languages to children up to the age of 13. You will find out about Nathalie's own experiences in the classroom, learn new ideas to support language teaching and listen to interviews with other languages specialists and practitioners.

In this episode, find out about:

  • Using the right cultural references with children
  • How to use puppets in the language classroom (1’56”)
  • BONUS for your children: the sound “in” as in “singe” and a story around the word (13’12”)

Useful links:

Trois fantômes

I bought this story in a second-hand bookshop in the French Alps in August 2019. It is perfect to talk about the emotion of fear, around Halloween time or at any time! Click here to watch a 2-minute video where I show you inside the book and tell you a little more about it. Language…
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