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La Toussaint - All Saints Day

La Toussaint – This is a French Holiday I have never talked about before, for some reason!

Today I put it right!

Watch the video below to learn about All Saints’ Day… but also the differences with Halloween and the Day of the Dead!

Click here to watch the video of the presentation.

Click here for a pdf of the slides from my video: Toussaint

If you want to read more about it in French, I used this article by “Ça m’intéresse” as inspiration (click here for it) – I used to have a subscription to the magazine when I was a teenager!

La Toussaint – French Blog to read

I really like this “French today” blog, all in French, that you can do a lot with if you would like to learn more about La Toussaint – All Saints’ Day in France: click here.

Click here if what you were looking for was stories in French to help celebrate Halloween!

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Merci !