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On a Wednesday, and when I do whole-school visits, I am lucky enough to work with children aged 7 and under – from as young as 2, and I love it! Reading French stories for EYFS and KS1 is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

In this blog, I have gathered some of my (and their) favourite French stories for EYFS and KS1!

A couple of quick thoughts on using stories with the younger children: they love them (even if they can’t understand them at all, they watch and listen!), it is best (if possible), to have a few up your sleeves and tell them each story more than once (in the same session and over several sessions). Like me and my pupils, you will soon have favourites!!

From the age of 2 (EYFS):

Books I have written blogs on:

Extra books that are ready to use:

  • Saute ! – my favourite ever, I think! The children have to jump and say “saute” if the animal I show them can jump… but not if it can’t!! Such fun!! Click here for more info about it.
  • Qui vit là ? – you can show to the children a picture and ask them who lives there; when they have guessed in English, you can practise the word in French!  Click here for more info.
  • jardin – a book about things in the garden where they turn from black and white to colour… It is very effective and children love it! More about it here.
  • Bonne nuit les amis ! – a book to practise saying good night to animals. The children might be familiar with it in English. Very cute and popular! Buy it here.
  • 1, 2, 3, partons ! – a book for everyone to join in with, with a finger in the air! More about it here.

From the age of 5 (KS1):

Books I have written blogs on:

Extra books that are ready to use:

  • Au secours ! – a brilliant book that open up like an accordion. The children can join in and show “au secours”. It is a lot of fun! More on it here.
  • Et… badaboum – a simple but fun story about a cherry falling on an animal that falls on another animal etc. More on it here.
  • Un loup ? – a fabulous story that you can use and tell with your whole body and it will keep the children on their toes! A favourite too! More on it here.

Were you looking for books for older pupils? Click here for my list of essential French books for children from the ages of 7-11!

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Merci !