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As I have done some tidying up this summer, I have come across this great booklet from the European Parliament which contains fantastic ideas for Europe Day – different from European Day of Languages, but most of the ideas can be used! Click here for a pdf of the booklet. 

Here are some links to other resources that I really like: from the British Council, the 2022 competition run by the Association for Language Learning and the official European Day of Languages website (click on each one to access them).

Otherwise, as well as in my 3 schools, this year (2022) I am celebrating the European Day of Languages in a school where we have never celebrated it before. Below is what we are doing.

  • Each class, with their teacher, is pre-selecting 3 French-speaking countries from the list in this blog (click here for it!).
  • The most popular ones will be the (6, in our case) French-speaking countries that we will explore on the day. This way, the children have a say in the countries which they will learn about. We wanted to involve them in the decision-making.
  • Each leading member of staff will choose one of the countries and use the presentations on this page to (prepare what to) tell the children about it (click here). They can also add any information that they think will be of interest.
  • On the day, we will start with an assembly where the children will each bring a piece of A4 plain paper and scissors… and we will make our minibooks/passports, ready for the day! Click here to watch how to do it.

Crazy idea…

  • Ok, this might be a crazy idea haha… ! You can make minibooks in class ahead of the day, then the children will each take their own to assembly. As we will have 6 sessions, there will be space in our books for front and back covers.
  • After assembly, the children will visit 6 classrooms throughout the day, and keep a record of what they have learnt about each country in their minibooks. This can be agreed by the members of staff and adapted based on the ages of the children. It could be as simple as a record of the flags of the countries or their capital cities, but could also be about their history etc. Anything that you like, really!
  • We will finish the day with an assembly. A pupil from each class will share with the rest of the school the information that they have recorded about the last country that they learnt about. It will also be a celebration of the day and possibly of some pupils, eg those that have engaged the most with the activities etc.
  • Alternatively, if easier, each class can stay put and members of staff could travel to them, following a strict timetable. 

I hope this helps!


More European Day of Languages Info:

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What is YOUR favourite European Day of Languages activity? Please do share it in the comments so others see your amazing ideas too!

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