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Aboie, Georges!

I have known about this book for many years, yet I only bought it very recently... because it is a translation from a text in English, and I always thrive to discover authentic stories... However it really is too good not to use with children! I and they love it! Click here to watch a…
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After I saw this book in Clare Seccombe's blog (Changing Phase) a while back then again when she mentioned it in LiPS (Languages in Primary Schools Facebook group), I finally bought this very cute little book last year. I should have got it earlier! This is to say thank you, Clare! This story is ideal…
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Primary Languages Network Conference 2019

More about the conference to come soon. For now, here are my presentation and accompanying documents. PLN all on board the French Bibliobus without scanned book pages exploiting a picture book French picture books list
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Le loup qui avait la tête dans les étoiles

WIN A COPY OF THIS BOOK WITH LITTLE LINGUIST! CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE COMPETITION BEFORE MONDAY 8TH JULY 2019! It takes seconds... My parents know me well... they now look out for new Loup books for me and I get them as presents! This is one of the more recent ones. Click here to…
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