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Please feel free to use these with your children at any time. Do let me know in the comments what you are finding useful and not so useful. Please also share with me how your child is doing with their French at home!

Français session 1: an introduction to France and French

pictures of a plane, a Eurostar train, a Shuttle and a ferry

How we can travel to France

Français session 2: basic introductions in French… with the help of a puppet theatre and many puppet friends!

Shotley Bridge Nursery School Ltd Shotley Bridge Nursery School LtdShotley Bridge Nursery School LtdShotley Bridge Nursery School Ltd

  • greetings: bonjour, au revoir
  • saying what your name is: je m'appelle
  • saying how we feel: ça va bien 🙂 , ça va mal 🙁
  • kissing: a French custom!

Click here for a video I like which puts all those things together (not the kissing though ha ha!)

Français session 3: let's learn about sports and do some exercise in French!

We can recognise popular sports in France: le handball; le foot; le rugby; le volley; le basket; le tennis.

We can follow instructions in French. 

Shotley Bridge Nursery School LtdSautez!   Shotley Bridge Nursery School Ltd Courrez!   Shotley Bridge Nursery School Ltd Arrêtez!   

Shotley Bridge Nursery School Ltd Levez-vous!   Shotley Bridge Nursery School LtdAsseyez-vous!

Français session 4: French nursery rhymes and children's songs

Français session 5: s atory on the French bus!

Français session 6: learning about and tasting French food!



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  1. Moira

    Thank you for this. It’s so handy to have. We had a big conversation about travelling to France last night as we are planning a French camping trip. H thought the idea of a voiture (is that right?) in a magic train very exciting!!

    • Nathalie

      Thank you very much for your feedback Moira. This is just perfect! Thanks for your ongoing support with French at the nursery and I look forward to sharing more “magic” with H and the other children!

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