Daily French challenges for children

Daily French challenge - jour 1 - for children - learn French phrases you can practise at home

Today: practise saying hello, please and thank you. Click here for more info about the challenge: https://nattalingo.co.uk/daily-french-challenge-for-childre...

Are you looking to encourage your child(ren) and/or pupils to start or keep learning French whilst they are at home? Then I can help you in 2 ways:


You can start the challenge at any time: no previous knowledge of French is required, just have fun with it!

Click here for an overview of the daily French challenge videos with their contents and links

These videos are made to help incorporate French into the children's normal day. Little bits of French, but hopefully often, will build up communication skills in the language.

Current topic: useful and fun everyday phrases, part 10 - the last videos!

Click below for:


Click here to acces my suggested weekly French activities.

Daily French challenges for children

Please share with parents, friends, teachers... the more the merrier!

Week 1 of French activities for children - 5 animals - learn French with Nathalie Paris

Click here for the schedule of activities this video is part of: https://nattalingo.co.uk/weekly-french-planning-for-children/ Hi! I am Nathalie Paris, AKA t...

NB email me at nathalieparis@nattalingo.co.uk if you want this but are already suscribed to my monthly updates.

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