Daily French challenges for children

Daily French challenges for children

Are you looking to encourage your child(ren) and/or pupils to start or keep learning French whilst they are at home? Then I can help you in 2 ways:

1) I have been posting a daily French challenge for children up to the age of 11 who are currently being educated at home. The idea is to incorporate French into their normal day and do little bits of French, but hopefully often, to build up communication skills in the language. You can join us at any time: no previous knowledge of French is required, just have fun with it!

Jour 1: bonjour, s'il te plaît, s'il vous plaît, merci

Jour 2: bonsoir, bonne nuit - available from Wednesday 25/03/2020

Jour 3: bon après-midi, bonne journée, au revoir - available from Thursday 26/03/2020

Jour 4: à table, bon appétit, j'ai faim, j'ai soif - available from 6am on Friday 27/03/2020

Jour 5: 1 = un, 2 = deux, 3 = trois, 4 = quatre, 5 = cinq - available from 6am on Saturday 28/03/2020

Jour 6: 6 = six. C'est l'heure de manger? C'est l'heure du petit-déjeuner? C'est l'heure du déjeuner? - available from 6am on Sunday 29/03/2020

Jour 7: 7 = sept; c'est l'heure du goûter; c'est l'heure du dîner - available from 6am on Monday 30/03/2020

2) I am also putting together suggestions for French activities throughout the week; click here to check them out or click here to receive those weekly plans for free, straight in your mail box. Please do tell people about all of this if you find it useful. The more it helps, the better! Parents, friends, teachers... use and share at will!

NB email me at nathalieparis@nattalingo.co.uk if you want this but are already suscribed to my monthly updates.

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