Weekly French schedule for children

Are you looking to encourage your child(ren) and/or pupils to start or keep learning French whilst they are at home? Then I can help you in 2 ways:

1) Click here for my daily French challenge: a way to incorporate French into our children's daily lives!

2) Below are French activities that I am putting together weekly. I have set it set out as a schedule over 5 days, but you can be flexible with it!

Click here to receive these weekly plans, for free, straight in your mailbox. Please do tell people about them if you find them useful. The more it helps, the better! Parents, friends, teachers, schools... use and share at will!

Week 1

I need your feedback, please! Do tell me, in the comments below, what has worked well and what has maybe not worked so well, as well as any suggestions you may have. It will help me make it better for parents, teachers and children! Merci!

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