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We’re getting the mobile library ready!

It's half-term but we're full of busy, as always! So I am decorating my children's rooms but they've been saving me a lot of work too! My 14-year old son has started cataloguing the titles of the books which will be available to borrow from our mobile library and he is doing a lot of…
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The mobile library has arrived!!

Obviously that was a major event: the arrival of our vehicle on Thursday 29th January!! However a lot of other exciting things have also happened: on Monday 2nd February, we held at St Mary's the first of 4 ALL Connect training sessions with 9 attendees and a lovely atmosphere; today is our first Primary Hub at Ryton; finally all week we have been reading even more…
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New things happening!!

What an exciting week it has been!! Not only are we now days away from the new arrival (the mobile library ha!), we've had fun this week again assessing speaking with the puppet theatre... but also we have been contacted by a secondary school about potential work with them (we thought this may happen much further down the line!) and we went into a private nursery school interested in…
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