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I thought that this week I would recommend the series of books with Berthe in them in case some of you weren’t aware of them or hadn’t used them for a while… I find them very useful!

Language of text : French
Author or source : Gwen Brookes
Intended age of students : Key Stage 2/3
Source reference : 9780955457936

Approaches :
This series of books was written with the non-native learner in mind and can be used to reinforce or introduce vocabulary ; the books can alternatively be given as extension material to pupils who may have a gift in languages and/or finish their work early. Each book has a glossary as well as a couple of activities at the back.

Rationale :
I want to use this book because it is simple, the pictures are clear and it is fun to read.

Outcomes :
The children will enjoy finding out what different ingredients Berthe is putting on her pizza and could afterwards design their own ; they would have to include something different and very French too !

Topics or themes :
Food ; opinions.

Grammar :
Third person singular ; conjunctions.

How much time required :
20 minutes

You can buy this book and others in the series (there are 12 altogether) here from Little Linguist. Enjoy them!!

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